SET YOUR MIND TO WIN – Motivational Video 2017

The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, apply the 5 second rule. It will help you to end laziness and break the bad habits. Get THE 5 SECOND RULE …

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  1. Darren Green يقول

    thing is thou ???? who tells you no if your already the top of your field ??? how can someone less experienced tell you your doing it wrong ????? its like me commenting on a boxing match telling muhammad ali and george foraman they doing it wrong !!! theyd be fools to listen wouldnt they ???? then they wouldnt be leaders would they . theyd be sheep ?????? am i right or wrong ?

  2. 193001 kiplssd يقول

    Great videos, but way too many ads in most of the videos..hard to concentrate on the message, but at least your making money, right?

  3. Lisa Husin يقول

    i watch your video everyday before I start my work at office. I just change to a new job ( I change job because this new company offer me good position and better salary) but at the end, I was over-stressed with my new job. I have to travel use train for about 45 minutes, and used taxi from the train station to reach my new office for 10 minutes (110 minutes journey for go and fourth everyday for working)(My previous job I just need to walk distance for 5 Minutes to reach office) I wake up 0600 in morning to prepare breakfast and lunch box for my boyfriend and me. Reach home at 20:00 hour and start to prepare dish for dinner. I used to go to gym, but with my new work, timing, responsibility,i feel exhausted, tired , and i lack of motivation. I don't even have motivation to do sit-up even 10 minutes/ day.I watch your video (Be Inspired video), I feel better. My mind start to think positive. I be more focus and the changes that I faced now, ready to handle. Thank you. So inspired!

  4. Hardehout يقول

    What is the background music at 20:00?? Great video btw, makes me keep pushing hard at my dreams

  5. 3D Motivation يقول

    (I'm not telling you its going to be Easy, I'm telling you its going to be Worth it)

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