How to deal with acne-prone skin | كيف تتخلصين من الحبوب : نصائح هامة قد تغير حياتك

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Neutrogena oil free acne wash pink grapefruit facial cleanser
Neutrogena oil free acne wash facial cleanser for acne-prone skin
Nihel visage

Olay Age Protect Anti aging Cream
Loreal youth code spf 30 day lotion
mon experience avec l’acne كيف تخلصت نهائيا من حب الشباب
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Smashbox Camera ready bb cream (light)
Concealer: Mac Studio finish (NC20)
Blush: Mac Warm Soul
Highlighter: Wet n Wild Precious Petals 321
Colourpop Hotline lippistick
Colourpop Strip liquid lipstick

Lashes: Kiss (shy)
Eyeliner: Wet n Wild Megalast liquid eyeliner

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  1. Meryem Kh يقول

    Aw i dont know if this is the 100 video I watch to solve my struggles with acne, khater ena tbarkallah koll shay feya bl mbada3 hatta lacne mtei when it started it left brown stains all over my cheeks to the point I couldn't dare to watch my face in the mirror cause I didn't feel beautiful enough or even acceptable to see. I dont know if this will get an end cause Im already 14 and the story will continue as I saw with so many people experiencing it. I confess that I dont treat my acne properly but what did I do to deserve this ? Like ffs im stuck up in serious issues I went to 2 dermatologists, both of them were not even taking care and concentrating on my trouble they just gave me basic medicines and creams that cost a lot honestly and like everyone a gel from Avene that doesnt do anything except refreshing my skin the morning, I swear I almost tried all and I sometimes feel ashamed of it, thank you for sharing this I'll try some tricks that I didnt know before and also thank you for giving your HONEST opinion cause no one does it nowadays, Boussa kbira❤

  2. Ines Dhaouadi يقول

    💕💕💕💕Thabbel Ye Molka mahlek💕💕💕💕i love your videos so much🍒💕😍😎🙈😌🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟alik

  3. mimi maryouma يقول

    malouka you are beautiful inside and out 🙂 i like your personality, really smart lady

  4. nouha bhihi يقول

    merci 3la vidéo .ana wahda men nas 3andi 10 ans ne3ani mel acné mchit 3 fois lel tbib spécialiste .mafamch hata médicament w ala Antibiotique yen7ai l acné pour toujour juste moment w yarja3 .ama les conseils mete3ek yeser important .bon continuation molka

  5. HOUDA NEIMA يقول

    slt machi mochkil nst3mlo rasool neutrogena ri dyl sbaah mm fliili khti moloka

  6. Elbakkali Ayoube يقول

    سلام لباس عليك أن بغيت نسولك ولكن فبربي هذا الفيس بوك ديالي حقاش ملقيتش ديالك عندي مشكلة وبغيتك تعدني ختي ayoube elbakkali elbakkali

  7. Majed Bouchaala يقول

    Ma7lek cha3rek 8ame9 yfata9 a7la byeser mel méche ena yasmin men tunis n3ich fi italia 😚😚

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