Dumb Sex Tips That Will Ruin Your Relationship Part #1 – Common Room

Sex advice: its all over the web. Some of it can help turn the heat up in the bedroom. Some… sucks. And not in a good way. We’re singling out Cosmo Magazine once again for its ridiculous sexual tips and tricks. From foreplay to masturbation, anal sex to fun positions, if there’s bad advice to be had, they’ve got it. The Common Room is here to take a look at awkward, frustrating, and entirely unsatisfying ways to combine genitals.

What do you think about these Cosmo sex tips? Are any of them actually helpful in bed? Or are they just intended to be funny? Sort of a socially acceptable form of erotica? Do you have any tips people might not know about that can actually spice up their sex life? Let us know!

We’d like to thank Chelsea Klikunas,Samantha Schacher, Brett Erlich, and Taryn Brooks for joining us!

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  1. Tommy 90 يقول

    heey, great stuff you're talking about, but pleeeease, you are talking one over another too frequently!! Don't interrupt the one speaking so often, pleease

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